Jesse Lippold running for Salem-Keizer School Board, Zone 5

After much thought, Jesse Lippold decided it was time to enter the SKSB race.  Yes, he’s young, but his experience and successes in overcoming childhood challenges, and becoming a strong advocate for children, while working in the banking industry and attending college, motivate him to serve the community where he grew up and finished his secondary education. 
“I’m a persistent person and understand the challenges students face today. I know I would bring a perspective to the SKSB which would challenge the status quo.  Some may say I do not have enough experience, but I ask, what has 10-20-30 years of ‘experience’ done for students?  Are our graduation rates higher? “
Jesse and his sister were abandoned and homeless during their high school years, but he managed to survive, and thrive.  His persistence personality helped him finish high school in Salem.  Now, in addition to working in the banking industry as a Premier Banker and going to college, he has just organized a non-profit, “SALEM TOGETHER, focused on helping kids, homeless, and others in need.”  
“My vision for the SKSB is seeing that we are providing the appropriate opportunities for all students, and that parents are a part of the policy making the Board undertakes.”  He admits he has no PACS giving him money, or endorsing him, and that he likely would not be a union favorite.  “I’m not a part of the professional administrative, political system, which in my view is a benefit. Doing the same thing over and over hasn’t worked.  Maybe it’s time for a change?”

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