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“Keep on the lookout for where whiteness shows up, share that information with colleagues,..” warns Kim Feicke in a recent email to Portland teachers.  Feicke is a highly paid “Diversity Consultant” for the Portland Public School System.

Dateline Monday March 16, 2015:  Recently an unnamed source sent me the following redacted email warning teachers to watch out for whiteness:

From: Kim Feicke <feicke@edequityoregon.com>
Subject: Finding Detours

…. “Where are the places that white folks take
detours around having authentic conversations about race or around their own inadequacies or insecurities in such conversations”?

Previously we “led conversations around where whiteness shows up in classrooms and we left that space with a challenge to keep those conversations going as a part of “normal” conversation in the school.”

“I invite you to 1) do some detour spotting in both your work and personal life. Where and which ones do you see show up? And 2) keep on the lookout for where whiteness shows up, share that information with colleagues, and receive that information from colleagues with grace.”

“When we meet again ….. we’ll do some sharing around what you’ve discovered …. and build that into some work around
learning styles.”

Kim Feicke
Oregon Center for Educational Equity

Can you imagine an email talking about “Black Folks” in a similar fashion?  I’m not sure which is more upsetting, the blatant racism of what she is saying, or the Orwellian nature of her recommendation that teachers rat out one another.  It’s like something out of “1984,” or what you would expect of the German Stasi during the Cold War.  Just who does Kim Feicke think she is?  Someone stealing a lot of your taxpayer dollars that’s who!

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