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Willis Calls on Schrader to Denounce Stunt

Stayton, OR — Yesterday, a group of Democratic Congressmen staged a “sit-in” on the House of Representatives floor that disrupted the proceedings and forced Speaker Ryan to adjourn the House. In a statement released today, 5th congressional district candidate Colm

Oregon House Republican Office Q&A – Senate Bill 941

Does Senate Bill 941 close a loophole allowing criminals to obtain a gun? Bottom Line: No. SB 941 does not prevent a criminal from obtaining a firearm. Criminals can still obtain firearms, either by stealing a firearm from a law-abiding

New Study Shows Ineffectiveness of Background Checks

A new study compiled by volunteers with the 2nd Amendment Action Center proves that expanding background checks on gun sales has virtually no effect on crime, including murder and other violent crime. Oregon, in particular, has a much lower violent

Oregon: Anti-Gun Bill Aimed at Restricting Lawful Private Transfers Introduced and on the Move!

From NRA-ILA Today, Senate Bill 941 was introduced in Oregon. This is an egregious bill that would require individuals to appear before a gun dealer to request a criminal background check prior to privately transferring a firearm. Transfers include, but

Anti-Gun PSA Encourages Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns & Bring Them to School

A new disturbing and irresponsible new gun control Public Service Announcement (PSA) advocating that kids steal their parents’ guns and bring them to school is making the rounds of the internet and social media. Of course, this is a felony